Asian Doll Flips Out On King Von’s Manager: Sit The F*ck Down In That Wheelchair!!

Rapper Asian Doll has clapped back after King Von’s manager and 100K Management CEO Jameson Francois denied her claims that the rapper’s friends abandoned him before his killing.

Francois talked to DJ Akademiks on Live, calling her tweets “goofy sh*t.” He also said. “She’s talking about she’s talking to Von through her spiritual advisor from after death. So, you talkin’ to the dead now, Asian Doll?”

Asian Doll wasted no time hopping on live to set him straight:

“He really runnin’ his mouth. Everything he sayin’, that ain’t sh*t. Nobody was there. None of us was there. Nobody was there. We saw it. Everybody saw it. Why the f*ck do you feel you gotta come at the girlfriend? The whole world said something about y’all. Not just me. Not just f*ckin’ me.”

She later says: “Know your place. Sit the f*ck down in that wheelchair. ‘Cause we saw you. We saw what happened. F*ck one angle. F*ck the next angle. Everybody saw what the f*ck happened. And I wasn’t there. Just like y’all wasn’t there. And when I said whatever came out of Von mouth, that sh*t is real. ‘Cause the n*gga in the car said it. I’m not, like, making this sh*t up.”

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