Akbar V To Chris Brown: Can I Get A Date?


After proving unsuccessful with Drake, Akbar V hopped online to shoot her shot with Chris Brown.

“At this point if i can’t get @Drake i might as well get me another light skin N*gga @chrisbrown,” she tweeted. “what’s up babe i been rocking with you since #runit #excusemems #yomanaintme #goodbye can i get a date,” she continued. I’m single blink once if i got a shot babe [Smiling face with 3 hearts]”

Last month, Akbar hollered at Drake:

“y’all help me out I’m shooting my shot w/ @champagnepapi,” she wrote in the caption, tagging the Canadian rapper. “i just need him to know my name,” she added. 

While some think the reality television star is coming across overly thirsty, some admire her boldness. Chris Brown is yet to respond to her request. 

She also hit Diddy to tell him to send some freebies her way:

“Hey @Diddy good morning it’s Akbar v the Queen of Atlanta One of the dopest rappers out of Atl.. can you please stop forgetting me when you send out those ciroc packages im very good friends with ur son  @JDior_ and i been rocking with u since one more chance ,total, biggie, Mase”

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