22Gz Warns Young Rappers To ‘Dumb Down’ Their Disses


22Gz is warning young rappers to “dumb down” their disses in the studio.

“All these young n*ggas, they got heat, I ain’t gon’ lie,” 22Gz told HHDX. “They got heat. They doin’ they thing. Just gotta dumb they dissin’ down cause n*ggas don’t hear you, n*ggas straight hear the dissin’ and say f*ck the whole song, ya heard?”

He thinks the disses should be more subtle.

“It’s how diss though. It’s day room how they do it type sh*t. Like bro, a n*gga moms can’t hear that type sh*t. You really trying to make it or what? You playin’.”

Recently NBA YoungBoy released a NLE Choppa diss for taking sides in his beef with Lil Durk. 

“It wasn’t ever with me picking a side. Honestly, bruh, I barely read what Lil Reese said,” Choppa said. “I just know what he was saying was siding with my boy [King] Von. If you would’ve asked me what Lil Reese tweeted, I wouldn’t be able to speak it word-for-word. I wouldn’t be able to tweet the whole tweet. At the end of the day, that wasn’t the purpose behind [my response]. Being on the side or just trying to be in some shit, it was just off the simple fact that brother don’t be able to defend his name.”

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