Zeke From Power Book 2 Is GAY . . . DRAGGED Out Of The Closet During Podcast!! (Watch)

The actor who plays Zeke from the hit TV series Power Book 2 is gay, or at least bisexual, MTO News has learned. And the actor was dragged out the closet on the latest episode Queenzflip’s top rated podcast Flip The Script.

Actor Daniel Bellomy played the role of Zeke on 50 Cent’s hit tv series Power Book 2. He appeared on Queenzlip’s podcast, and at a point in the interview – Queenzflip dragged out Daniel’s sexuality.

During the interview, which was watched by MTO News, the interviewer pressured Daniel to reveal his secret sexuality – which the actor seemed uncomfortable doing.


Daniel is best known for his role in the Power Book II: Ghost, where he played Ezekiel ‘Zeke’ Cross.

Prior to being a part of this, he starred in The Deuce and in a few episodes of Suits. Daniel also had a memorable role in the movie, Freak Show, as well. 

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