Yung Miami Throws Prison Release Party For Her Mama; Charged w/ Murder & Snitching!

Rapper Young Miami from the City Girls’ mother was released from prison yesterday, after serving 5 years. Everyone on social media is celebrating her release. But MTO News did some digging – to uncover what she did that caused her to go to prison IN THE FIRST PLACE.

MTO News confirmed that on Aug. 3, 2009, Young Miami’s mother Keenya Young and her then boyfriend Exzavier Robinson drove to the Aventura Mall, stole Michael Kors and Juicy Couture purses from Macy’s and led police on a dramatic chase afterward. The chase ended that with an innocent woman, a grandmother, being killed in the high-speed collision.


Prosecutors said Exzavier and Keenya were in on the robbery together, parking their car in a fire lane for a quick getaway from Macy’s. He stole a Michael Kors bag, while Keenya took two Juicy Couture purses. As they ran off, a security officer tussled with Keenya as Exzavier hopped in the driver’s seat and gunned it toward the two.

As the couple fled with the stolen goods, the car plowed into a 40-year-old security guard Emily Anderson, who was driving home from another exhausting shift to support her two grandchildren. Her co-worker, Charles Hall, was left critically injured and in a coma for a month!

Young Miami’s mother and her boyfriend were both charged with murder. But MTO News confirmed that Keenya took a deal with prosecutors where she agreed to snitch on her boyfriend, in exchange for less time in prison.

Exzavier was eventually convicted of murder (after Keenya testified against him) and is serving life in prison. Keenya got a deal for her cooperation. She only served 5 years and was released from prison yesterday – upon which Young Miami and others threw her a huge homecoming party.

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