Yung Bleu’s Baby’s Mother Goes In On Him: “You’re The Worst Father A Kid Could Ever Have”

The mother of Yung Bleu’s child, Shunna Phillips, has called out the artist for allegedly being the “worst father” to their son Corbin, MTO News has learned. Shunna claims that Yung Bleu is “abusive” and publicly wishing that she never had a baby with him.

This comes following a long list of separate instances involving dramatic back-and-forths between Bleu and Phillips. This time, Phillips twisted her knife in a little further, making some harsh allegations against the 27-year-old hitmaker.

“As a man you’ve failed, As a Co Parent you’ve failed, and as a father you’ve extremely failed Corbin,” said Shunna Phillips on Instagram, tagging Bleu in the post. 

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“I failed my son the day I got pregnant by you for not choosing better smfh. I honestly wish I never had a kid with you. I wish I could have a redo. You’re a sh*tty father, you’re abusive, you’re special ed, you have bed bugs, & you don’t take baths. It’s so embarrassing and it makes me sick to my stomach. You’re a f*cking joke and your words have no value. I’m ashamed to be your BM it’s nothing I will ever be proud of. You ain’t never did sh*t for Corbin. I look at Corbin and I know he doesn’t deserve what’s been presented to him. For years he’s been given the short end of the stick and little to nothing. I want you to know that you’re the worst BD on planet earth, it literally doesn’t get any worse than you. You’re the worse father a kid could ever have. If you died today or tomorrow I’d literally spit on your f*cking grave.”

She ended the message by telling Bleu that she hates him.

Wow . . . . sounds like they need some intervention and family counseling… 

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