Yung Bleu Defends Kodak Black’s Plea Deal


Rapper Yung Bleu tweeted out in defense of Kodak Black after he pleaded guilty to the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.

“N*ggas plead guilty all the time for sht they didn’t do. cuz they dnt wanna take the chance of getting 20 years taking it to trial when u can get probation for a year ?” tweeted Bleu. 

“Everybody situation different but Sometimes u gotta take a L to get a W. Not saying anyone guilty r not I’m js,” he added.

Kodak’s attorney also posted a statement in support of the rapper:

“Kodak took a plea to a change of charge to assault, and got an 18 months probation sentence. Local South Carolina counsel, in this case was amazing and did a great job,” Bradford Cohen wrote.


“We are all happy he is able to move past this 5 year old case. #kodakmoment He has been on such a positive and fantastic route, donating anonymously to great causes, making amazing music and being a great Dad. By the way the headlines of him pleaing to a sexual assault are false and incorrect. The plea was to a simple assault, with 18 months probation. The original charge was changed and withdrawn. It was replaced with the simple assault charge.”

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