Yung Bleu Calls Out Family In Instagram Rant

Yung Bleu is calling out his family for relying on him to upgrade their lifestyle instead of doing it on their own.

“Some people go get it, and some people built to just ask for sh*t. they dnt move on that frequency . And in return they blame you for them living average. U can help them all day but they think cuz u rich they supposed to be rich . U suppose to change everybody life but mfs dnt bring no plans , strategy’s, ideas or buisness plans. Barely even talk to u until they want sum,” he wrote.

The rapper says he’s not opposed to giving them some help “from time to time,” but added that he would go “broke taken care of all u mfs” and that he “can’t want something for you more than you want it yourself.”

Seeing as he is still at the beginning of his career, it makes sense.

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