Yung Bleu Apologizes To Georgia Cops

Yung Bleu has apologized to the cops in Gainesville, Georgia, who he accused of racially profiling him when he was trying to buy a trailer.

“I apologize for taking my anger out on the Gainesville police department, instead of the business who lied and manipulated the situation. I was embarrassed and in disbelief of what happened so I directed my energy towards the wrong people,” he wrote via Instagram.

He says he’s going to sue the trailer company who called the cops on him.

“My energy will now be directed towards Absolute Trailers because their lies could have turned to a possible deadly situation for me. Officers were moving off what they were told by this establishment. That I was a “fraudulent thief” before even knowing my name or interacting with us.” 


The rapper also writes — “I will be suing Absolute Trailers for Discrimination and Profiling and hopefully this promotes fair service to all black people in the community.” 

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