Yung Baby Tate Calls Guapdad 4000 A ‘F*cking Clown’

Guapdad 400 embarrassed Yung Baby Tate by telling her, and the rest of the Love & Hip Hop viewers, that even though he thinks she’s a great person and enjoys having sex with her, he doesn’t want a relationship with her.

“Lmfaooooo this n*gga had the nerve to just call me to say he don’t want no negativity… sweetheart all the negativity could have been squashed MONTHS ago & u chose to keep it there. So we gone keep it there B*TCH… You wanted the negativity to be gone you could have responded to these messages,” she wrote.

Baby Tate continued, “You chose to ignore them, continue acting like an asshole TO THIS DAY, then call me on your birthday like this sh*t is sweet. Boy, f*ck you!. I literally had a conversation with I before we shot that last scene where I said I was happy with the place we were finally getting to & you agreed. Then got on camera & played me to the left. Don’t do this. Cuz I’m not tryna argue with you. Happy 30th.”


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