Youtuber EDP To Avoid Jail Time After Caught Sending Explicit Texts To ’13 Yr Old’!!

Last week, the YouTube community went wild, after a group of vigilante’s set up an amateur sting operation, and appeared to catch one of the most popular Youtubers attempting to meet up with a 13 year old girl.

But MTO News has learned that police are no planning to arrest the Youtuber, because of alleged problems with the sting.

The Youtuber in question is Bryant Moreland, better known as EDP445, a popular African American Trump supporter. The 30-year-old YouTuber with two million subscribers firstgained online fame as a loud Philadelphia Eagles fan. Then he became even more popular when he switched his channel and began making disparaging comments about Black people to his mostly White audience.

In the “sting” operation was conducted by YouTube channel Chet Goldstein, run by a man named Alex Rosen. They published chats between EDP445 and a decoy named Sophie, who was posing as a 13 year old girl. 


The channel is known for similar “stings,” setting up meetings online with men who appear to believe they are interacting with underaged girls. But Alex Rosen also has a controversial online presence, posting other videos using racist language – including calling Black people the n word.

But MTO News has learned rear police are now saying that EDP445 may not face criminal charges – because of the way the sting was conducted. One Youtube sleuth explained why the manner in which they conducted the sting, may render all or most of the “evidence” they collected against EDP445 may be unusable. Watch:

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