YouTuber Deletes Channel After Being Exposed For Posting Clip Forcing Son To Cry Over Dying Dog

YouTuber Jordan Cheyenne has deleted her channel she accidentally uploaded a video clip of her showing her 9-year-old son to fake cry over their dying dog.

Cheyenne has over half a million Youtube subscribers.

“We are heartbroken,” the video was titled. In the video, she tells her followers the family pet has been diagnosed with parvovirus, telling viewers, “…can’t wait to bring her home and be part of our family.”

Her child is seen crying beside her. “Pray for us. We appreciate it, I love you guys. Bye,” She then thinks she has turned off the camera but it keeps going and she is heard saying: “Come here, come closer for the video, come closer! Put your head right here. Act like you’re crying.”

“I am crying!” her son says. “No mama, I’m actually seriously crying.”

“No, I know, but go like this,” she says telling him to wipe a tear. “For the video. Put your hand like this. But let them see your mouth. Let them see your mouth!”

Cheyenne is being dragged on social media.

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