YoungBoy NBA Says He’s Never Recieved Any Of His Youtube Money From Label


YoungBoy NBA has received millions and millions of views on Youtube but he said that he’s never received any of the coins.

“I think as you…you learn how badly you’ve been taken advantage of. I never got paid for YouTube a day in my life. N*ggas make all the money off my YouTube, and then give me a small percentage of my sh*t. All that sh*t slavery or something. But you know, that’s what we signed up for in this business,” he said.

He added, “Other than being a free-agent, or being signed to Stunna, I don’t wanna do no business with nobody but Mike Caren. I feel like, Mike gonna support me. … He was open to my ideas, he didn’t try to control the artist or the way I present myself.”

YoungBoy also reacted to Soulja Boy’s claims that he could have signed him years ago. YoungBoy says Soulja missed out. He’s not worried about the missed opportunity.

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