YoungBoy NBA Responds To Soulja Boy’s Claim He Could Have Signed Him: He Missed His Chance!!

YoungBoy NBA has responded to Soulja Boy’s claims that he could have signed the rapper.

“I don’t give a fuck that he posted that sh*t,” YoungBoy told Ak. “Sh*t, he missed out on his chance. I don’t give a f*ck about that sh*t. I don’t give a f*ck, man. … That man ain’t on my mind.”

Soulja first told Ak about it:

“Youngboy, this n*gga DM’d me [in] 2016, ‘I’m from Baton Rouge, I’m 16. I’m trying to make it…’ And I DM’d the n*gga back. I’m like, ‘Wassup?’ And he hit me back like ‘Wassup?’ But I didn’t see the wassup until a month. He was signed. I could’ve signed NBA Youngboy but n*ggas don’t knowin’ sh*t like that.”

Meanwhile, Soulja Boy recently claimed that three rappers had dropped him from tracks they’d recorded with him. Soulja Boy said that the next rapper to ask him to hop on a track— was catching those hands…

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