Young Thug Talks Liver & Kidney Failure: I Kinda Died!!

Young Thug opened up about a time he was rushed to hospital during lockdown after facing liver and kidney failure.

“I kinda just stayed in the bed and I was like, ‘Yo, call the ambulance. I can’t move my body.’ Then later, when the ambulance came, I couldn’t get out of the bed,” he said.

“They had to get me out of the bed, basically. I felt like my whole body was numb and I couldn’t move. I went to the hospital and I had found out that I had liver and kidney failure. And I kinda had sorta passed away, like I kinda died,” he told Rolling Stone.

Last year, he spoke out about the incident.

The rapper says he really did not like having to quarantine.

“Prison is the worst thing, but being in the house not being able to do nothing — and you can die from air?”


“I done got so f*cking tied into video games. I talked to so many n*ggas on Call of Duty, sh* t’s crazy. Just bored. ‘Hey, what’s up, what you got going, bro?'”

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