Young Thug: Nicki Minaj Is One Of The Top Five Female Rappers Of All Time

Young thug paid homage to Nicki Minaj, calling her one of the top five female rappers of all time.

“Nicki Minaj, definitely Top 5 Female Artist of All Time,” says Thugger. “She definitely in the Top 5. For me though, just for me, you know what I’m sayin’ I think majority of people in the world, she definitely Top 5.”

Not too many people would disagree.

The rapper went viral this week for remarks he made about flying women out.

“I don’t fly b*tches nowhere P! I don’t fly b*tches in town. I don’t fly b*tches nowhere. I ain’t even no baecation type of n*gga,” he said. “No b*tch is traveling off of me. I’m not that type of n*gga you know what I’m saying? Especially when I’m suited and booted? Like, come on, man- what?… Beat it.”

His video was in response to claims that he had been tricking off and flying different women out to see and spend time with him.

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