Young Thug: I’ve Been Single For Two Years!!

Jerrika Karlae put rapper Young Thug on blast this week, accusing him of “misuse and abuse” — but according to the Atlanta rapper, he’s been single for two years.

“Been single for dam near 2 years now,” Thugger wrote via his Instagram Story. “Stop thinking everything about me.” 

Karlae sparked rumors when she tweeted: “Single 2021…” 

She continued: “Why misuse and abuse something or someone, why not leave them be! That’s some narcissistic sh*t. You behind the scenes painting pictures of me, like ima f*cked up individual…when you the devil.”

She then turned on fans who wrote messages telling her to get back with Thugger.

“F*ck out my mentions, if you support anything other than my happiness f*ck off and unfollow me,” she wrote. “Ppl that go out they way to show other ppls flaws to make themselves look better scare me.”


If Thugger is claiming to be single for two years, who is Jerrika speaking on?

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