Young Thug: I Bet Another Rapper That Tekashi 6ix9ine Would Snitch!!

Young Thug says he knew that Tekashi 6ix9ine would snitch — he was so sure that he placed a bet with another rapper.

According to Young Thug, the other rapper did not believe that 6ix9ine would snitch, but Thugger knew better.

“I bet — I ain’t gon’ say the rapper that I bet ’cause he a cool n*gga. He a solid n*gga. So I don’t wanna say his name so he’ll be like, ‘Damn bruh, you said my name like I was down with a rat.’ So I can’t say his name, but I bet another rapper. I don’t know where he from. I think the West Coast. I don’t know. I bet another rapper that 6ix9ine [would] tell, before he told. I’m like, ‘He gon’ tell.’ I bet — Me and him bet a friendly $5,000,” he told Gillie Da Kid.

“We bet that… He said, ‘He ain’t gon’ tell.’ I bet he gon’ tell. I bet he gon’ tell. And he bet me back. He just wanted to get the $5,000 back. I bet $5,000 that he tell and he bet $5,000 that nothing is gonna happen to him. I bet $5,000 that something was gonna happen to him, too. I don’t know why I had that belief. I really believe like, he gon’ think he gangsta, he gon’ try to step out and somebody gon’ do somethin’. Even if it’s on some humble sh*t. Even if it’s some sh*t like, just anything.”


He said the other rapper won his money back because Thugger did not believe people would allow 6ix9ine back in the club.

“I bet $5,000 that something was gon’ happen like, I bet you whatever, when n*ggas see him, something gon’ happen, somethin’. He gon’ get beat up, he gon’ have to run out the club, somethin’ gon’ happen. I lost that f* ckin’ bet bruh. Them p*ssy ass n*ggas let that n*gga in the club. He was chillin’.”

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