Young Thug Clears Up Remarks About London Gangsters


Young Thug has faced backlash over his interview with Gille Da King on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast for several reasons — but his recent remarks about London gangsters have riled more than a few folks.

“It’s just that struggle, like Zoe sh*t,” Thug said, referring to Florida. “It’s real when it come from them n*ggas. It ain’t no n*gga from muthaf* ckin’ London or Paris with with gotdamn green eyes talkin’ ’bout where he came up at. Man, yo ass prolly gotdamn been living in penthouse suites and hotels. You ain’t did nothin’.”

People began to drag Thug, who made sure to hop online to clear up his controversial statement:

“Yo, on this interview with my n*gga Gillie, when I was talkin’ about the f* ckin’ overseas n*ggas? N*gga, I’m talkin’ ’bout the muthaf* ckin’ middle class white guys and sh*t like that,” he said. “N*gga I know real G’s out there, n*gga. I f*ck with real G’s! My muthaf*ckin’ n*gga [Giggs], all these muthaf*ckin’ n*ggas, Skeptas, all them playas? I f*ck with real G’s.”


He continued: “These n*ggas handlin’ they business smokin’ sh*t. I got plenty gangsta stories about these n*ggas. I’m most definitely not talkin’ it’s not no real gangstas out there. N*ggas real deal out this muthaf*cka. My muthaf* ckin’ twin 21 got family out there steppin’! King steppin’! I know real steppers out there. There’s no way possible I’m saying there’s no G’s out there, them n*ggas handlin’ they business. I’m talkin’ middle class.”

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