Young Thug BLASTS Andre 3000 On TI’s Podcast; Facing Backlash!!

During an interview on T.I.’s ExpeTItiously podcast, Young Thug made some disparaging remarks about fellow Atlanta rapper André 3000, MTO News has learned. 

In particular, Yung Thug said, “I ain’t never paid attention to him, never in my life,” Thug told T.I. of Three Stacks, which prompted T.I. to mention how he’s worked with Elton John but it’s weird he still hasn’t worked with one of Atlanta’s most beloved rappers. 

“Elton John like to kiss ass, André like his ass kissed.” He further explained that John approached him as a fan, and when they met he also spoke about how he appreciated Gucci Mane, too. “He’s just more of a fan type of n***a,” he added.

By comparison, he seemed to suggest that André is less willing to collaborate and be enthusiastic. He put on an accent, and briefly impersonated André before T.I. interupted him to say that the OutKast rapper is “our ally,” to which Thug replied, “Nope.”


Hip hop fans were quick to defend the Outkast legend, who has praised Young Thug’s music in the past.

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