Young Thug: Atlanta Will Run Rap For The Next 10 Years!!

Rapper Young Thug says Atlanta will run rap for the next 10 years.

“I don’t see no city taking over Atlanta,” he said in the clip from Revolt’s 2021 Summit. “Because we steady having new artists come from Atlanta, bruh, and we getting bigger and bigger and bigger. The biggest artists that are popping right now are from Atlanta.”

He continued, “We gon’ keep going higher and higher. I don’t see no other city gaining the number one spot again. We got it.”

Thugger added, “The Southern hospitality, man. It’s Black, it’s just Black as f*ck. The youth kinda own everything, the newer generation run everything. Everybody got hearts, everybody love each other — well, for the most part. It ain’t that many haters.”


Gunna then added, “Definitely more real ones than haters in Atlanta, believe it.”

Y’all agree with Young Thug? Does Atlanta have more “real ones” than any other city in the country? And is Atlanta gonna own 

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