Young Buck Accused Of Living w/ Transgender; Blogger Implies Trans ‘Allegedly Has HIV’!

One of the most popular vloggers on Youtube is making some explosive allegations towards former G-Unit rapper Young Buck, MTO News has learned. Tasha K claims that Young Buck is “out of the closet” and is currently living openly in a relationship with a transgender woman.


Tasha K told her listeners, “Buck has hit rock bottom. Buck is living with his trans girlfriend who [used to be] his manager’s Charlie P’s brother. She is a trans now.”

Tasha K added, “Everyone in Nashville knows, he’s out.” Tasha did not offer any specifics of how she came upon this information.

In the past, Young Buck has vehemently denied any claim that he was involved with a transgender.

MTO News has learned that Tasha also – without offering any proof – claims that his ex-girlfriend allegedly “caught” him cheating on her with “both transgenders and gay men.” This explosive claim has set the Internet ablaze!

But that’s not all, Tasha also implies that one of the transgenders that Young Buck was having relations with “is HIV positive.”

Young Buck has so far not responded to these allegations. But his too rival 50 cent reposted the allegations, and set social media ablaze.

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