Young Bleu On Pulling Tory Lanez’s ‘Your Mines’ Remix


Yung Bleu has shared why he decided to pull Tory Lanez’s remix to his hit song, “Your Mines.”

He says Tory Lanez did not respond to his attempts to reach out.


“I had hit him up a couple of times, and he never responded. I know a couple of people in radio who reached out on my behalf, and he never got back to them.Then I see he did a remix of my song and didn’t tag me. So I basically said something about it, cause I needed to start standing up for myself bro,” he explained.

“I don’t think he meant nothin’ by it, it just honestly slipped his mind. But I don’t know. […] I actually texted him to put it back up. But they never put it back up. After I linked up with him and we did a song together, I told Empire to put it back up. I was cool with it coming back, it just never came back.”

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