YNW Melly’s Manager Addresses Claims He Owes The Rapper Family Money: Family Argues!!

YNW Melly’s manager 100K Track has addressed claims that he owes the incarcerated rapper’s family money.

“Listen, I love BSlime,” he said on Melly’s brother. “That’s my little brother. Don’t get it twisted. Family argues. And like I said, Jamie — that’s that man’s mother. Regardless of how y’all feel, bro, we’re always gonna be cordial. We’re always gonna be cool because I gotta stand by my little dawg too. And that’s his mother, that’s who birthed him. And he’s gonna stand by her. It’s all love.”

Days ago, YNW also addressed the allegations.

“She feels some type of way because she feels like my brother is supposed to be bigger, or whatever bruh,” Melly said. “Nobody bucking my brother on no money. If Track f*cking my brother on money that mean I’m f*cking my brother on money and I’d never do that to my little brother.”

The jury selection for the rapper’s trial started on Monday.

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