YK Osiris Offers To Cover Funeral Costs For Teen Killed On Freefall Ride

Rapper YK Osiris has offered to pay the funeral costs for a 14-year-old boy who died on an amusement park ride.

The high school football was at Orlando’s ICON Park for spring break and decided to go on the FreeFall ride. Tyre Sampson was thrown from the 400ft ride.

“He was panicking when he was going up,” the boy’s father, Yarnell Sampson, told Fox35. “When the ride took off, that’s when he was feeling uncomfortable. He was like, ‘What’s going on?’ That’s when he started freaking out, and he was explaining to his friend next to him, ‘I don’t know man. If I don’t make it down, please tell my Mom and Daddy I love them.’ For him to say something like that, he must have felt something.”

He continued: “This one particular ride said, ‘We can take you, come on! Get on!’ No one else allowed him to get on the ride, so I’m wondering what happened between now and then that made them say, ‘Come on, get this ride!'”

YK Osiris posted the following message:

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