Ying Yang Twins Say Jay-Z Accused Them Of ‘F*ckin Up The Money’

Ying Yang Twins had a few big hits in the early 2000s, but Jay-Z was not happy with their quick rise to success.

Speaking to DJ Vlad, the pair said they released their single “Say I Yi Yi” after getting a one-album deal with KOCH. Universal passed on the single.

After becoming a hit on radio, the rappers said Jay-Z called them. “66,000 spins a week,” Kaine said. “He said I gotta sell a f*ckin’ Sidekick Motorola to sell my Fade To The Black album. This sh*t ain’t cool. You new n*ggas f*ckin’ up my money and he hung the phone up on us.”

The rapper previously spoke about the phonecall in 2020. They said it was still all love between them and that the single ended up selling 465,000 units of that single in one year.

Jay-Z is now worth a reported $1.4 billion so the Ying Yang Twins didn’t hurt his pockets in the long run.

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