YG: White People In Offices Stole From Me!!


Rapper YG sat down for an interview where he detailed his shoddy record deal — he says the white execs stole from him.

The west coast rapper says he was not making any money from his own music.

“When my sh*t start movin’ like, my record deal was f*cked up for ten years straight. I just got out of that sh*t some months ago. So like, hell yeah, my sh*t was all bad. I never owned none of my music I put out from f*ckin’ my last album back. I ain’t own nothin’ so I just got out of that. But like, the fact that I was in some f*cked up deal, you know what I’m saying, that made me start thinking about other sh*t,” he said.


“I’m like, ‘I ain’t making no money with none of my music, I gotta do other sh*t.’ It was hard. I was f*cked up. But I did a lot of stealing and robbin’ and sh*t when I was young so, I look at it like, that was my karma. ‘Them motherf*ckin’ White people in offices stole from me and it was my karma ’cause I used to rob sh*t like, a lot… ‘YG, know how it feel to get stole from, n*gga. Don’t do no more stealing.’ Alright, thank you, God, I got you,” he added.

Watch the clip below.

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