YFN Lucci Stabbed In Atlanta Jail!!

YFN Lucci is asking a judge to let him out on bond because he says he was stabbed in jail.

According to legal documents, Lucci says another inmate at the Fulton County Jail stabbed him on Feb.9 and that there’s a bounty on his head. 

Lucci says he was on a video call when the inmate approached him from behind and stabbed with a homemade shank. He is in fear for his life and is asking to be allowed home on 24-hour home confinement and will also be willing to wear a monitoring device.

Lucci is currently in custody in Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail.

Lucci’s trial will begin on May 12, 2022.

The rapper and 11 others turned themselves in after being named in a 105-count indictment targeting the Bloods gang. Lucci had been freed from weeks before his May arrest after posting bond in a separate murder case.

The rapper denies the charges filed against him.


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