Yella Beezy’s Ex-GF Blasts Him Following Rape Allegations!!


Yella Beezy’s ex-girlfriend wants people to know that she is not supporting him after he was accused of rape and child endangerment.

“Don’t come to my page with that b.s because I’m not about to take up for a man that cheated on me with a big nasty sex worker! They both knew exactly what they was doing! Y’all men gone learn what’s done in the dark will come into the light!” she wrote on Twitter.

“I’m just always tired of always being attach to mess that don’t involve me I work, be a mother and go home! Repeat in that exact same order!”

A woman claimed she met with Beezy on Instagram and fater talking for a while, he invited her on a date. They had dinner and went bowling before they went to his home. He then tried to pressure her to give him a shirtless massage, she alleges, before he forced himself on her.


Beezy denied the allegations.

Beezy was arrested and charged with felony sexual assault and felony abandoned endangered child, along with a misdemeanor for carrying a weapon.

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