YBN Nahmir: Cordae Hit Me About Dropping The YBN

YBN rapper Nahmir says that YBN Cordae hit him before he officially dropped the “YBN” from his rap moniker.

“He hit me, he was like, ‘bro, I just want to do my own sh*t,'” Nahmir told HHDX. 

He continued: “I was like, ‘all right, for sure.’ Then we normally talks, how we usually do, change his name. I was like, all right. It was just whatever. Like it was already to the point to where we wasn’t talking. Nobody was really talking at that point because label sh*t, management, older, it’s so much stuff that a old n*gga could feed to kids’ and its to make everybody feel a certain type of way too. So you understand, like we was little at the time, we’d grown as f*ck now and everybody got a different mindset. But back then it was like, all right, let’s listen to these old n*ggas because they got it right. They already got their set up and in order. It’s just like, everybody just want their own ways. That’s really it.”

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