YBN NAHMIR Admits He’s An Alcoholic

Rapper YBN has confessed to being an alcoholic.

“Alright y’all, I feel like it’s best for me to just get this out my system. For 3 years I’ve been struggling with an alcoholic addiction. I’ve changed so much due to it, & not in the right ways,” he tweeted.

“I’ve pushed so many of my love ones away & the people I care about because of it… I’ve constantly tried to slow down / stop myself from drinking, but it’s not easy at all. This year I want a new challenged & the challenge is for me to get clean,” he adds.

“I never knew addiction was this hard. Before hand it was easy for me to block it out, but now it’s taking a toll.. It’s just been a lot going on in my life behind close doors that I leave off the internet. The only thing I wanna do now in life is get help, therapy or even rehab. To feel like myself again & get my family back. I’m sorry y’all. I slipped.”

Fans wished Nahmir a speedy recovery.

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