YBN Almighty Jay Claims Attorney Signed His Rights Away To Label

YBN Almighty Jay is claiming that an attorney signed his rights away to Atlantic Records.

Jay has been putting the attorney on blast since last week.

“This n*gga James McMillan is a fraud. He sign n*ggas to janky deals and f*ck em over. Nobody knows NOTHING about the sh*t we go through on the daily basis being signed to this n*gga cause we cover for this n*ggas ass. I’m done with this sh*t,” he wrote last week. He added that the janky deal was the reason other members left the group.

“Trademarking the YBN name behind n*ggas back,” Jay added. “Assigned me a lawyer he used to be engaged to without telling me. SMH. Took advantage of some kids bro. If y’all really wanna know why YBN broke up…” 

This week, he tweeted, “Didn’t have a choice when I signed… N*gga signed my rights away to Atlantic Records behind my back.”

The attorney is yet to address the allegations.

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