Rahaf Mohammed Made Int’l News Fleeing Saudi Arabia, Posts Bikini Pics On IG!! (PICS)

A Saudi woman who made international news in 2019, after she fled Saudi Arabia for asylum in Canada . . . is now posting bikini pics on Instagram, MTO News has learned.

Rahaf Mohammed fled the Islamic nation claiming that she wanted to escape her family who she says abused her and threatened to kill her for wanting to leave Islam, which is a capital offense under Saudi law. 

After appealing for help on Twitter and gaining significant worldwide attention, Thai authorities abandoned their plans to forcibly return her to Kuwait (from where she would be repatriated to Saudi Arabia), and she was taken under the protection of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and granted refugee status. 

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On 11 January, 2019 she was granted asylum in Canada and arrived in Toronto the next day.

Well now she’s popped up on Instagram, and by the looks of the images she’s posting – it appears that Rahaf is gearing up to be an IG model. Here are some recent pics of her:

And here are some pics of her and her new bae:

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