Woman Running For Atlanta Mayor Promises To CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS!!!

Editor’s Update: Felicia Moore has come out and claimed that she does not want to shut down the city’s strip clubs or night clubs. She claims that she merely wants to “work with them.” She wasn’t specific on what work she planned to do with the clubs.

This week citizens of Atlanta get to vote for their new mayor. And MTO News has learned that one of the candidates, a woman named Felicia Moore, is allegedly trying to shut down all the strip clubs in the city.

Many in the City of Atlanta were unaware of Felicia’s radical policies towards the city’s nightlife and strip clubs. According to Felicia in the below clip, she plans on changing the zoning for the clubs – so that they need “special use permission” to operate a club in the city.

Then, according to social media posts – she will deny all such “special use permits” – essentially causing all nightclubs and strip clubs in the City of Atlanta to close.

Here’s a video circulating on Twitter, where Felicia lays out her nefarious plan:

So what can folks in Atlanta do to save their strip clubs – vote for Felicia’s opponent, Andre Dickens. 

We rarely ask folks to go out and vote. But this lady is trying to get rid of Atlanta’s strip clubs . . .. if that can’t get our people out to vote we don’t know what will!!

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