Woman Near Death After Milk Crate Challenge Accident On IG Live! (Video)


The Milk Crate Challenge may’ve caught its first body, MTO News has learned.

A Dallas woman is in critical condition after falling on her head, while trying to complete the popular Milk Crate challenge.

According to social media reports, the woman was offered $5 from a group of men at the gas station to attempt the challenge. The woman managed to get half way up the milk crates, before falling – MTO News confirmed and landing on the back of her head.

The group of men can then be heard laughing, as the woman’s lifeless body lay in a pool of blood on the street.

Luckily, a passerby witnessed the horrific fall and called for an ambulance.

MTO News has learned that she was rushed to the hospital and was deemed to be in critical condition. The paramedics on the scene were not optimistic about the woman’s recovery or outcome. Social media reports claim that one medic claimed that she “may not survive.”

Here’s video – watch:

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