Woman Accuses Rich The Kid Of Not Paying Her For Her Artwork


A woman took to social media to accuse rapper Rich The Kid of not paying her after she was hired to create artwork for his single.

She made the allegations via her TikTok page: “So, I’ve never posted a video like this because this has never happened to me in my entire career.”

She then shared a few DMs between her and the rapper.


“This is Rich The Kid. He hired me to do a cover art and now he refuses to pay me,” she continued. At the start of the project, I asked if he had any direction. He wanted to give me complete freedom. This is our messages.” 

“I went ahead and created four different variations of graphics for him,” LaRussa continued, adding that she “paid additional artists to give him more options.”

She explained the back and forth between her, Rich The Kid and his label, and slammed him for doing bad business.

Rich The Kid took to Instagram Story to respond to her claims:

“Told yo goofy ass I aint like the cover art and I did not want to uses the trash ass sh*t u sent me,” he wrote. “Nobody paying for a dinner if the waiter brought the wrong order & I still gave yo dusty ass 500$ u ppl is retarded … and on top of that nobody ain’t paying u 1K for no cover u fool.” 

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