Wiz Khalifa Is Back In The Gym: Let’s See Who Gets P*ssed This Week!!

Wiz Khalifa is back in the gym after Gillie Da King clowned him for working out in his drawers.

“Back in the gym,” he tweeted. “Let’s see who gets p*ssed this week.”

“You a legend, man. It’s Pennsylvania, baby. Philly to Pittsburgh but I had to unfollow him today, man. Every time I come on my page, man, you in your drawers,” Gillie said on Instagram. “You giving up strap-and-ball action, man. Every day, man?! I can’t even do eight balls in the corner pocket every day when I wake up man.”

After the video, Gillie’s page was removed from the platform and he said Wiz had his page taken down.

“You hurt my feelings, people were laughing at me and I don’t like to be laughed at. I feel like you were trying to bring down another Black man,” Gillie said. “I told you to put some shorts on,” he continued. “Extra super soft.”

Wiz responded.

“I didn’t get that child’s Instagram deleted,” Wiz tweeted. “I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya.”

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