Wiz Khalifa Disses Gillie Da Kid

Wiz Khalifa has denied getting Gillie Da Kid’s Instagram page deleted.

“I didn’t get that child’s instagram deleted. I even offered to help him get his page back and he declined. See ya ✌ ,” he tweeted.

Wiz was responding to a video posted by Gillie, claiming that Wiz got his page deleted.

“And then [Wiz] tried to give me an ultimatum. ‘I mean, we can sit down an talk and I can get your Instagram right back.’ Boy, you knew I was playing. You giving me an ultimatum. Man, f*ck you and that Instagram, boy. F*ck is wrong with you?” he said.

“Now you wake up in the morning because they been killing you all night, you wake up in the morning and you talking about, ‘I didn’t get this child’s Instagram’… That’s the best you can come with, boy. Huh? Huh? You little spicy chicken tender. That’s the best you could come up with? Huh? You know damn well, we put you and me in a room, you wouldn’t call me no child. See this the type of stuff I’m talking about. If you put me and you in a room, next to each other, you wouldn’t in a million years call me a child.”

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