Wild N Out Comedian Billy Sorrells Beats Wife While High On Coke; Puts Her In ICU!


Popular Wild N Out comedian Billy Sorrells is being accused of brutally beating his wife, while the comedian was high on cocaine, MTO News has learned.

And the beautiful wife is speaking out – after having recovered from her extremely serious injuries.

Billy’s wife – an IG model named  – is now speaking out publicly to the Black Babble podcast, about what she claims was “vicious abuse” in her marriage.

The beautiful wife claims that Billy has a cocaine addiction, and that one day – while high on the white powder – he flipped out and beat her half to death.

She explained, “He put me in the ICU. So I woke up with a broken arm, fractured thumb, a fractured jaw. I couldn’t speak.”

And during the interview things took a shocking turn. The interviewer who is friends with Billy Sorrells, added that he had previously witnessed Billy beating his wife.

The interviewer asked Billy’s wife, “Was [the time that I witnessed] the first time that he beat you?”

The wife then immediately caught a flashback of the traumatic moment. She then told the interviewer, “That’s right, you had to wake me up.”

It’s compelling video, watch:

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