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White Woman Pumping Gas Severely Beaten By Morbidly Obese Man!! (Video)

Los Angeles police are looking for an obese man, who inexplicably beat a woman close to death, at a gas station. And MTO News has video of the incident.


The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said they received a call from a gas station at 7:10 p.m. on Sunday, May 30. 

The victim - who police say Is a White woman - stated that while she was pumping gas, the suspect drove into the parking lot and parked directly in front of her vehicle. 

The suspect then calmly got out of his vehicle, walked toward her, and punched her. The department said she was punched so hard, she fell to the ground and that the suspect continued to punch her in the head and face.


While the victim fell to the ground, MTO News learned that the suspect grabbed her hair, slammed her head against the car and against the pavement multiple times. 

Then, the attacker calmly walked got back to the car and drove away.

The video shows multiple onlookers watched the incident and did not step in to help pull the morbidly obese man off of the woman. 

They likely didn't want any action themselves.

According to the victim, she did not know the suspect and that he did not take any of her personal belongings.

MTO News confirmed that her injuries from the attack were so severe, she was taken to a local hospital and police are investigating whether the incident was racially motivated.