White TIKTOK Star DUMPS Black Boyfriend After Hearing Him ‘Talk Sh*t’ About Black Women!

A popular White TikTok star is trending all across Black Twitter, after she leaked a video where she recorded her now ex-boyfriend talking crazy about Black women.

Her ex, who is Black, explained to the TikTok star why he doesn’t like Black women, and why he doesn’t find them attractive.

The Tiktoker asks her boyfriend, “What makes dark skin Black women not beautiful to you?”

The former boyfriend replies, “I just don’t, that’s just me. I get that you’re confused and a little bit upset.”

The TikTok star continued, “Every time I show you a pretty women, you’re like nah she’s too Black.”

The boyfriend continues with his insults, “Black is ugly, burnt, crispy.”

The TikTok star told her fans that she’s an ally of Black women and immediately dumped her boyfriend. According to the star, her ex was “fetishizing” her, and she did not feel comfortable being in a relationship with man harboring such negative feelings towards Black women.

Black Twitter is praising the TikTok star for her choices.


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