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White House Staff Can't Wait Until Trump Leaves!!

According to a new report, Democrats are not the only ones who cannot wait until President Donald Trump leaves the White House -- the staff can't wait either.

According to a report from TMZ, White House staffers -- including cleaning, maintenance and kitchen workers-- are currently "walking on eggshells" while on the job.

Sources tell the outlet that they are trying to stay out of his way as he is in a rage over the recent election results. Trump has been hitting the main states where he had losses with a lawsuit. On Wednesday, Georgia announced a hand recount.


Staffers are also reportedly looking forward to Kamala Harris' presence in the building.

"We're told the female White House staffers feel this is a game-changer ... and her presence and representation has built a giddy sense of anticipation," the breaking news outlet reports.

Trump is still refusing to concede and says he will not leave the White House. President-elect Joe Biden is moving ahead as planned.