White Atlanta Teacher Calls Black People ‘N Word’ On FIRST Day Of School!! (Watch)

A White Atlanta High School teacher is coming under fire for using the N word in the class with her predominantly African American students, MTO News has learned. The incident allegedly happened on the first day of school.

One student recorded the teacher, and the video has since gone viral.

In the video, the White teacher is seen talking to her Black students. The blonde is speaking with a heavily “urbanized” accent.

Immediately before the video, the teacher allegedly used the “n word” to describe Black people, according to social media reports. Multiple students immediately interrupted the Caucasian teacher, and asked her to not use the racist term.

But the teacher fought back against the outraged students. She explained to the teenagers that she can use the N word to describe Black people. The teachers outrageous claims is that she “dates a Black guy” and so she is allowed to call Black people the N word because she “has a n*gg*.”



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