Westside Gunn Rushed To Hospital

Rapper Westside Gunn old fans that he was being rushed to hospital as he could not breathe.

“Pray for me they had to call for emergency,” he wrote on Instagram story. “I couldn’t breath, it’s under control now but otw to hospital. 2x this month.”

His fans think it could be Covid. If it is, it is the second time the rapper has caught the virus.

“I have a confession to Make I’m a Corona Survivor. I didn’t want anybody feeling sorry for me I had to thug it out for weeks I didn’t get to see my kids I went to the hospital feeling like I was breathing my last breath the fans and the love I was getting kept me strong,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “I went on Tidal live and Fat Joe live but soon as I was done I was right back on the breathing machine.”

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