Wayno Explains ‘Jeen-Yuhs’ Roc-A-Fella Office Scenes: It Was Kind Of Annoying!!

Former Roc Nation Roc-A-Fella A&R hopped on Twitter to explain the scene of Kanye West and a camera crew storming the office to play his song, “All Falls Down.”

In the scene, Ye is trying to get signed and plays the song in the office. Nobody seems to be paying him much attention.

“Lmao the context behind this is he played this song in the office and did this with a camera crew like 10x. how many times can you have a crazy reaction to something you’ve heard 10x it was kind of annoying at that point,” Wayno wrote.

“Y’all also gotta realize this is at a time when phones ain’t even have cameras on em, he came with a camera crew all the time recording everything. People weren’t used to that, Chaka hair ain’t even done you think she was happy to be on camera?”

He added, “Ima stop talking but it’s amazing that people will tell me what happened in a video clip when I was actually there worked there and I’m in the damn clip.”

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