Waukesha Suspect’s Family: ‘It Was An Accident . . . He’s Innocent Just Like Kyle Rittenhouse’

At least five people have been killed and 40 injured – including at least 12 children – after a speeding SUV plowed into a Christmas parade in a suburban town near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on Sunday.

Police have a suspect in custody, whom they believe is responsible for the attack. The man in custody is Darrell Edward Brooks, 39. According to online reports, he was detained by cops in Waukesha, Wisconsin after the red Ford Escape sped through the town. Police believe he was the driver of the SUV.

But before we all cast judgment against Darrell, there may be more to the story. Multiple people claiming to be members of Darrell’s family are telling a VERY different tale. They say that it was all a horrible accident.

MTO News was contacted by three separate people, all connected to Darrell through Facebook, who claim to be his kin. They all told the same thing – that Darrell was the victim of an attempted carjacking.

They say Darrell was stabbed in the shoulder by a carjacker, and as he was attempting to get away from the carjacking – the “accident” occurred.

UPDATE: Police say that the suspect was fleeing a “domestic dispute”

The family members are extremely worried, they tell MTO News, that Darrell – who they say is innocent – won’t get the same “benefit of the doubt” that Kyle Rittenhouse did – after he was charged with killing multiple people.

One of Darrell’s family members told MTO News, “He’s innocent, what happened was not a crime. He needs to be let free just like Kyle Rittenhouse.”

But there are a bunch of differences between Darrell and Kyle Rittenhouse. First race. Darrell is Black and Kyle is White. Outside of that though, there’s a lot more to Darrell that makes him a less sympathetic character.

Darrell had a history of pimping White women. Here’s a video of him explaining how he got a pandering charge, for pimping out his baby’s mother in Las Vegas. His baby’s mother, who is White, was just 16 years old at the time:

According to police, a red Ford Escape broke through barriers in Waukesha, Wisconsin, around 4.40pm as the parade was taking place and drove at speed through crowds, sending bodies flying as horrified families watched on helplessly.

Police say a ‘person of interest’ is now in custody, but no arrests have been made. ABC News cites an unnamed law enforcement source who says there might have been a second person in the vehicle. 

An internal memo that went out to police said: ‘Police have one subject in custody and one remains at large.’  

Waukesha Police Chief Daniel Thompson will not yet confirm if they believe the attack was a deliberate act of terror, or if the suspect lost control of the vehicle while fleeing an earlier crime. They have also refused to comment on whether the incident has anything to do with the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in Kenosha, 50 miles away. A press conference has been scheduled for 2pm EST. 

Here’s video of the attack

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