Washington DC Rapper Does The UNTHINKABLE At Dead Opps Grave! (This Trend Must Stop)


There’s a new trend in hip hop, where rappers get clout by “disrespecting” a fallen enemy. The trend began in Chicago, where rappers would make rap songs, where they would mention their dead “opps.”

The trend was ratcheted up in Jacksonville – where the rappers not only mentioned their opps dying – but bragged about killing them.

Now the trend of disrespecting the dead opps is taking things to a whole other level. MTO News has learned that a DC rapper claims to have done the unthinkable at his opps grave.

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According to social media reports, the rapper brought his dead opps girlfriend to the site – and then had relations with her on camera. In the image, which was seen by MTO News, the rapper has the dead opps alleged baby’s mother bent over the tombstone.

And the rapper appears to be hitting it from the back, as the alleged baby’s moms holds onto her fallen rapper’s tombstone.

This trend is really getting out of control.

Here’s the image:


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