Wallo267 Begs Lil Durk To Forgive His Brother’s Killer

Million Dollaz Worth of Game host Wallo267 broke out into tears begging Lil Durk to walk away from the street violence.

“I’m gonna say some sh*t… like… this is documented,. I got a Ted Talk [called] I Forgave My Brother’s Killer. And I’m saying that to say this: The n*gga that killed my brother… My brother died in my brother’s arms, in the f*ckin’ house that we grew up in. They shot my brother and he ran to the house, he died in Nanny’s arms when she opened the door,” Durk is beefin’ with NBA YoungBoy who was involved in beef with King Von before he was shot and killed.

“So, I’m telling you this on some real sh*t, man. If I don’t let that sh*t go, I wouldn’t be right here today. I wouldn’t be here for my niece and my nephews, me and Gill wouldn’t be doin’ this, y’all wouldn’t know me. I wouldn’t be able to give y’all this game. But I had to let that sh*t go. And when I let that sh*t go, n*gga, I started to grow. And I started to glow. Now I’m here today.”

Durk was shocked at Wallo’s tears.

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