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Waka Floka & Tammy SEE EACH OTHER For 1st Time Since Divorce Filing! (Awkward Pics)

SKRIT Clothing had a star studded POP UP opening yesterday at Boutique Fitting Room B. in ATL’s Brookhaven. The pop up shop had a ton of great fashion, and the celebs came out to get first dibs on the merchandise.


Waka Flocka & Famed Stylist Middle Man Fresh co-hosted the event together, and half of Atlanta showed up to the event.

MTO News' cameras were also there, and we managed to catch a glimpse of Waka and his estranged wife Tammy. 

Waka Floka & Tammy SEE EACH OTHER For 1st Time Since Tammy Filed Divorce! (Awkward Pics)

The two ran into each other at the event - for the first time since Tammy filed for divorce. 

At first their interaction was a little awkward. But after the initial awkwardness passed, MTO News observed that they both seemed like they miss each other.

Look at the pics:


Tammy Rivera filed to divorce Waka in October. The pair announced their separation earlier in the year.