Waka Flocka Talks Split From Tammy Rivera

Waka Flocka has confirmed his split from wife Tammy Rivera.

“That’s my best friend, that’s my dog,” Waka said. “People just want it to be fighting and hating and something happened. Hell no, we’re just grown. Why is it that, when people evolve for the better, why does there have to be something attached to it that’s slimy as spit? … Why it gotta be so nasty if we ain’t nasty? It’s love though, me and Tammy stamped.”

In August, a friend of Tammy told MTO News, “Waka was usually on the road a lot, but during COVID they were in each others faces for a year. That was too much for [their marriage].”

But the split is amicable, according to Tammy’s friend. , “Tammy and Waka are free to date other people, and I think they’re both doing that.”

Neither of them have gone public with their dates however. Will they get back together?

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